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Leverage – Do More with Less


The world won’t slow down to wait while you work out your technology needs and strategy. LuminaGroup provides trusted advisors with experience and vision, and with no allegiances to, or biases against, any particular vendors, computing platforms, or technology. We can help you navigate today’s complex environment and to develop or improve your technology business strategy. Increasingly, success comes down to leverage: how to do more with less – faster, smarter, more efficiently.


An objective perspective is essential to fully understand the competitive environment and to plot a clear and achievable phased path to success. This can be difficult when you don’t have the right resources on staff. Incorporating the best of what is available in an ever more complex marketplace of products and services is the key to success, and that is where we offer expert help and guidance.


We are able to recommend what is best for you and your organization, to best support your goals and existing environment. Should you use proprietary applications and services? When are open-source options a better solution for you? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each alternative? These are key questions that we can help you answer, tailored to your needs. 

We also have deep experience in managing large and diverse international communities of contributors, including both internal external participants, paid and volunteer. This can be challenging, but the rewards are substantial. If managed properly, combining the strengths of many towards a common goal can yield a result much greater than the sum of the parts.


Leverage – Adaptable Strategy


Many organizations have amassed (or inherited through merger or acquisition) a variety of software, hardware, and services - including those developed in-house and those obtained from multiple vendors over time. These tools may be serving their particular functions well enough, but there may be benefit in evaluating alternatives, and the prospect of the major change can be daunting. We can help you evaluate the overall effectiveness of your existing assets, as well as your business systems, in the context of an effective technology strategy. We can help you make sense of often conflicting vendor pitches, each claiming to be the best solution. This can include assistance in developing RFPs and evaluating responses.


Leverage – Collective Experience


In this economy, the ability to improve, grow, and sustain the knowledge and abilities of your most important resource, your team members, is critical. Information and communication technologies (ICT) are evolving at a rapid pace. For many organizations, the key to competitive advantage lies not only in the tools and services that you use and offer, but also nurturing and sharing what is between the ears of your team members. We focus on knowledge transfer, ensuring that your team members understand and can use what we provide, long after the conclusion of our engagement. We also offer tailored training for your organization in a variety of areas. In addition, we offer tailored research and writing services to help you and your team better understand particular technology topics.


LuminaGroup is uniquely positioned to provide advice and guidance to help you navigate all of your technology issues. Our network of independent consultants have a broad range of expertise to help you. In addition to the advisors featured on this site, we collaborate with an extended network of technology and business professionals who we tap as appropriate for a particular engagement.


Our primary aim is helping you to achieve your goals. We are flexible and able to provide you with just what you need – no more, no less.

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